For water treatment entrepreneurs who seek a partner to help them achieve their goals

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How We Can Help you

We offer custom partnership solutions with significant financial upside opportunity

  • From growth planning to succession planning – we’ll create a partnership that fits your goals
  • Your legacy will continue – you have spent years building your brand, we are committed to honoring that legacy
  • Autonomy to run your business – we do not take over day-to-day operations but instead, provide resources you need
  • Opportunities for your team – our investment in growth will present more career development opportunities for your team
  • Spend more time on the things you love – we can take off your plate the activities that are a drain to your time
  • Receive maximum value for what you’ve built – cash at close plus rollover equity that has on average grown 7.7x*  
    *on average, over the course of a Shore Capital-backed partnership

Who we Are

Focused relentlessly on taking care of our employees and our customers

We believe the best companies (1) treat their employees incredibly, incredibly well (2) will do anything for their customers

Backed by Shore Capital, a founder-friendly group of entrepreneurs with a proven track record

One of INC.’s Top 50 Founder-Friendly Firms of 2020 and 2021, 700+ small company partnerships, with results in top 1% of all PE groups

Supported by a world-class Board with deep experience across water, operations, & marketing

Our Board of Directors includes 9 individuals, including a former WQA President and current or former CEOs, COOs, CMOs at hundred-million and billion dollar brands

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Helping water treatment entrepreneurs continue to deliver quality water solutions to their customer, while simultaneously planning for their future

Management Support

Gain access to Performance Management Tools, Staffing and Recruiting Support, and Professional HR.

Business Success

Our team of experienced professionals will empower your practice for financial growth, efficiency, and scalability.  Our partnership opens opportunity for your professional success, your practice, and your valued team.


Expand your reach to serve your current and nearby communities. Open additional locations, partner with like-minded groups, and provide access to your clinical excellence across new channels and patients.

Our Team

Business experts with a focus on healthcare.

Our leadership team consists of physician founders with decades of experience. We are focused on process, growth, and results to make our practices successful.

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